Simple Single Trip or Weekly Fares

You can just pay for just one trip one-way each time or if you're a regular traveller, pay a fixed weekly fare based on the distance traveled.  

The weekly cost will normally be the same or less than your current train/bus fare and far cheaper than using your car.  There's no parking cost either.

Weekly Fares

These are weekly fares for 5 return trips to Brisbane CBD. If your destination is another workplace, like Brisbane airport, we will advise you of the correct fare.

If you work part-time - 2 - 3 days a week you can still book with CommuterXpress.  Or if you just want to travel to Brisbane and back for the day, that's OK too. 

We will put on as many vehicles as are required from each origin point. If your origin point or destination point is not listed here, click the 'Register your Interest' button above and fill in your details.

We will advise you if we have a seat on an existing route that would suit you or when we have enough passengers on a route to provide a vehicle.  We will also advertise in your area to get new passengers for the service you want. 

We will start a service with the minimum number of passengers possible and add passengers to the service as applications come in.

If you know other commuters in your area who might be interested, get them to fill in the 'Register your Interest' form too.

All services will travel express non-stop to Brisbane or to your group's general work location - hospital, airport, commercial/industrial park etc.


Using toll roads, bridges or tunnels saves time and fuel. If your CommuterXpress service runs to the CBD and uses one of the these, a percentage of the toll cost will be added to the fixed fare.  This is capped at $2 per day.

For example, using the M7 will add $2 a day (your car would cost you $9.84 a day). The CLEM 7 tunnel is also $2 a day compared to $9.70 for your car. If your service uses the go-between it'll cost you $1.20 a day compared with $6 per day for your car.)             


Weekly Fares - Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

Noosa Heads                      $19.00                                      Palm Beach                          $10.00

Peregian/Coolum                $16.00                                      Robina                                 $10.00

Nambour                             $13.00                                      Surfers Paradise                 $10.00

Maroochydore                    $13.00                                     Southport                            $10.00

Brightwater                         $13.00                                      Miami                                $10.00


                                                                                                               Currumbin                          $13.00

Birtinya                               $13.00

Caloundra                          $10.00

Pelican Waters                   $10.00

Bell's Reach                       $10.00

Aussie World                      $10.00

Daisy's Place                      $10.00

Palmwoods                         $10.00

Mooloolah                           $10.00

Maleny                                 $12.00

Landsborough                     $10.00

Caboolture                           $8.00

Bribie Island                        $10.00

Frequently Asked Questions About Fares

Cost increases

Weekly travel costs may change from time to time and are generally adjusted to take into account increased fuel prices, registration, insurance and other costs. Normally these rises will be in line with RACQ recommendations or will be parallel to the rise in public transport costs.

You will be advised a month in advance of any impending price rises. The price rises will apply to all group members at the same time regardless of when you joined the group.  

At all times CommuterXpress will keep costs as low as possible.  Remember, that unlike all other forms of public transport, this service receives no government subsidies.

Public Holidays

Normally your vehicle will only travel on public holidays if there is a demand from your group, (for example, if you work in retail or in a job where your employer is open on these days and you are required to work), and if a driver is available.

So, if you travel on a public holiday there is no additional fare, however there is no credit given if you do not travel or you have to travel that day by other means.

All costs are completely covered:

  • Fuel

  • Registration and CTP

  • All servicing

  • Fully comprehensive insurance plus $15M public liability cover

  • Tyres

  • Batteries

  • Brisbane Parking

  • RACQ membership

  • Puncture repairs

  • Vehicle replacement if your original vehicle is off the road for any reason

  • Annual detailing of the vehicle

  • We even provide car wash coupons monthly or more often as required.

The only exceptions are the toll road or toll tunnel fees. If your service to the CBD uses toll roads or toll tunnels, CommuterXpress will fit your vehicle with a transponder.

Toll fees are $10 PW on the M7 and Clem Jones and $6 PW on the GoBetween  and are simply added your weekly fare.

Yes you can rate this service and our OA number is Q900475239