CommuterXpress - a brand-new, quick, quiet, private way to Brisbane.

A trip to Brisbane from the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast is now only $10.00 one-way from either Miami/Nerang to South Bank. That's the same or less than public transport and there's no parking cost either!

The Gold Coast service departs Mermaid Beach at 6.15 am then Nerang Station at 6.35am and returns from South Bank at 4.30pm.

We supply the vehicles, 12 seat minibuses, and pay all costs including parking and low-cost, capped tunnel or bridge tolls.  It saves a fortune compared with using your own car.  And we'll be starting from the Sunshine Coast soon.

CommuterXpress is a Not-For-Profit organisation working to improve our cities by reducing pollution and congestion.

It costs $60 to $120 a week more to commute in your own car than the commuterXpress fare. That’s at least $3,000 to $5,500 a year, and some say even more! And that doesn’t even include the cost of parking in Brisbane, which we also pay for. (See here for costs based on 2015 RACQ figures) 

Think what you could do with that extra money - pay down the mortgage? Have a family holiday overseas? Invest in something? (Your car will last much longer too!)


CommuterXpress vanpooling is stress-free. You can read, snooze, do your emails, listen to music or just relax.


You travel with the same people in the same comfortable 12-seater mini-bus at the same time every day. 


We supply the bus and pay all costs including parking in Brisbane.


You simply pay per trip with debit/credit card or similar.  Booked travellers always have a reserved seat.  Casual riders are possible in most cases.

There is no cost to join CommuterXpress and your first week's travel is free.

Then you simply pay per trip using your debit/credit card or similar. 

Booked travellers always have a reserved seat.  Casual riders are possible in most cases.

Drivers travel free and back-up drivers pay only 75% of the normal weekly fare.

Any member of your group who meets the Queensland Department of Transport and our insurance company’s requirements can drive – that is, age over 25 with an acceptable level of claims or traffic offence history.

The Department of Transport requires only a normal car license, a Medical (which we pay for) and a Police Check. 

The driver takes the vehicle home each night and is also responsible for parking the vehicle at your destination. 

Your group vehicle will have a fuel-card or a fuel account at a service station convenient to the group and the costs will be billed to us.